Level 2: Let the Retargeting Begin

In the world of digital advertising, creating an initial impression is just the beginning. The journey from capturing attention to converting leads involves multiple stages, each with its strategies and metrics. Level 2 of the 5-Level Ad Domination Strategy focuses on deepening engagement with potential customers who have already shown interest in your brand. Or in other words, retargeting. This group includes individuals who have commented on one of your ads, visited your social media pages, or watched 50% or more of your brand anthem video from Level 1.

The Importance of Level 2 Engagement

Level 2 is crucial because it targets users who have moved beyond mere awareness to showing active interest in your brand. These users are more likely to engage further and eventually convert, making them valuable prospects. The goal at this stage is to nurture this interest, guiding them closer to a decision point.

Strategies for Level 2 Engagement

  • Personalized Retargeting Campaigns: At this stage, personalized retargeting becomes a powerful tool. Use the data from Level 1 interactions to tailor your ads specifically to the interests and behaviors of your engaged audience. For instance, if a user comments on an ad about a specific product, follow up with more detailed information on that product or related items.
  • Social Media Engagement: Users who visit your social media pages are looking for a deeper connection with your brand. Capitalize on this by maintaining active, engaging social media profiles that offer valuable content, prompt discussions, and encourage community building.
  • Content Marketing: Leverage content marketing to provide value and deepen engagement. This can include blog posts, infographics, and more in-depth videos that align with the interests of your engaged audience. Educational and entertaining content can significantly increase the likelihood of further engagement and sharing.
  • Email Marketing: For users who have engaged to the extent of providing their email, personalized email campaigns can be very effective. Segment your email list based on the specific interactions users have had with your brand, and tailor your messages to fit those experiences.



Key Metrics for Level 2

To measure the effectiveness of your Level 2 strategies, focus on these key metrics:

  • Click-Through Rates (CTR): CTR measures the percentage of users who click on your ads after seeing them. High CTRs in Level 2 indicate that your retargeting efforts and personalized content are resonating with your engaged audience.
  • Landing Page Views: Tracking views of specific landing pages helps you understand which parts of your campaign are driving interest. It’s essential to ensure that these pages are optimized for engagement and conversion.
  • Cost Per Lead (CPL): CPL measures the cost-effectiveness of your campaigns in generating leads. In Level 2, a focus on engaged users should ideally lower your CPL, as these users are more likely to convert than the broader audience targeted in Level 1.
  • Email Open Rates: For your email marketing efforts, the open rate indicates how many recipients are opening your emails. High open rates suggest that your subject lines are effective and that your audience is interested in your content.
  •  Email Click-Through Rate: Beyond opening an email, the click-through rate (CTR) measures how many users click on links within your emails. This metric helps gauge the effectiveness of your email content and calls to action.

Optimizing Level 2 Engagement

To optimize engagement at Level 2, continually test and refine your strategies. A/B testing can be particularly effective in determining what content, design elements, and calls to action resonate best with your audience. Additionally, use feedback from social media interactions and email responses to tailor your approach further.

Engagement at this level is about building relationships and trust. Your content and interactions should communicate the value of your brand and how it aligns with the interests and needs of your audience. By effectively engaging users at Level 2, you set the stage for deeper connections and increased conversions in the subsequent levels of the 5 Level Ad Domination Strategy.


Level 2 of the 5-Level Ad Domination Strategy is where initial interest is nurtured into meaningful engagement. By focusing on personalized retargeting, active social media engagement, targeted content marketing, and segmented email campaigns, you can deepen connections with your audience. Monitoring key metrics like CTR, landing page views, CPL, and email engagement rates will guide your optimization efforts, ensuring that your brand not only captures attention but retains it, paving the way for successful conversions in the levels that follow.

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